TIN KITCHEN (also called fireplace roaster)  CA about 1800. Hand made of tin. Meat is spitted on slotted spit; skewers inserted in slots. Place the oven two feet from fireplace with nice bed of coals. Turn spit about every 20 minutes. Cooks by reflection. Raise lid to observe progress. Good cooks place veggies in the bottom, to be basted with meat juices. Pour off juices for gravy.  A hard to find item.  Minor holes in bottom.


A SELECTION OF OUR ANTIQUE POTS AND KETTLES  AND CAULDRONS. Cast iron, with wrought iron bails.  In the foreground is a Dutch oven, nice high legs, great cover. Every housewife had one, used with coals underneath (high legs) and piled onto the cover. Used for baking cakes, pies, anything. Or, hang it over the fire for vegetables and stews if you need an extra pot. We maintain a good selection of 1800s cookware in many sizes. Tell us what you need.

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