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Kitchen Utensils

     Skimmers and Ladles  are essential tools for the hearth cook. Skimmers, made of brass or wrought iron with wrought iron handles, allow easy removal of foods from cooking liquids at hearthside. Most measure in diameter, handles, with a loop or ring top for hanging, are in length.

Ladles are usually  forged iron, but may be found in brass, have a bowl shape, and will serve up your stews, etc. from your big hearthside kettles. Usually about in diameter, with handles long.

Priced at  $              , or perhaps you'd like a matched set,

Fleshing Forks and Spatulas - Essential Hearthside Items.

Just as in modern cooking, we'd be lost without them!  The forks, hand forged of iron, are used just as we'd use them today, but perhaps we tend to need 'em more when we manage a huge roast before the fire. These are sturdy examples, yet graceful in design. You'll want to hang them beside the fire for guests to admire for their beauty as well as useful qualities.

Spatulas (how do you manage an egg without one?) are harder to find than the other tools. As you can see, some are of brass, but are usually found in wrought iron, The usual size is about 24 inches, with the wrought handles about 12 inches in length. 

Priced individually or may be found sometimes in a matched set. Sets are priced individually, when we can find them.